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Sleep enabled room

put your room to sleep.
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We all know about phantom loads, but who consistantly has the time to go to every outlet and unplug or hit the switch on the surge protector (which is tucked away on the ground somewhere)? There are some things that need to be kept plugged in, such as alarm clocks, and fish tanks. But for the most part, most things in rooms can be unplugged.

I propose a wiring scheme which would allow for 2 circuits per room. One would be for essential items, clocks, medical equip., etc., and the other would be for non-essential items such as televisions, stereos, and definitely lights. Air conditioning can go either way, depending on where you live and what time of the year it is.

The non-essentials circuit will have a master switch which will be placed right by the door, as a convenient way to conserve energy by ensuring all non essential items are in fact turned off, as well as eliminating phantom loads.

Yeah.. this is my idea.

The laziest idea is always the better idea.

twitch, Oct 24 2007


       no annos? I guess only bad ideas get annos. Like my other 2 previous ones. (well, according to annos).
twitch, Oct 25 2007

       I just use separate surge protectors.
Spacecoyote, Oct 25 2007


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