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Sparky Step - Laminated Electric Floor

The route to a flex free home...
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Don't we all just hate loose electrical flex? There's never an socket exactly where you need one, and an extension lead is alsmost exclusively needed in positions where you least want it to be (whether for safety or aesthetic reasons).

As for that pesky standard lamp in the centre of the room sitting over your favourite sofa - which requires a long cable (often carelessly hidden under a randomly located rug), or your study desk that needs a dedicated socket in the floor until you decide to move the furniture around just an inch or two...

...well fellow bakerers I present to you the Sparky Step - Laminated Electric Floor.

To solve the problem of extraneous cabling; simply lay the multilayered electrical floor in place of your usual choice of flooring underlay. This replacement 'underlay' incorporates 5 layers of copper mesh with rubber layers in-between to insulate the soon to be electricifed mesh material. The top middle and bottom layers all connect to earth / ground and then the second and third layers connect to a 30amp live and neutral supply at a single point in the room.

(The three earth layers needed to prevent ammusing results when stilletto wearing ladies enter an equipped room)

Now when you require an electrical connection at a position in the room, you simply take out your special ceramic drill bit tool and cordless drill which, with light pressure, cuts down to a predetermined depth into the floor material thus creating a stepped circular recess into which your new mains electric sparky 'plug' gently presses.

Hey presto your new electrical connection is made...

The design could be replicated into the surface of desks and tables with smaller versions of the plug being fitted to the underside of table lamps, tvs, computers, monitors etc. etc.

Furniture items would have a plug built into their leg / pedestal in order to piggy back onto the system.

To move an item you simply drill a new hole in a virgin spot on the surface of the floor or 'piggy backed' furniture. To cover unused sockets - simply plug the hole with a suitably sized rubber 'sparky cover' and replace the circle of carpet which you saved from the first drilling opperation.

There you have it a totally wire free room... (with the exception of tv aerial cables, speaker wires, telephone extensions, usb cables, ethernet leads, yada yada yada...)

BunFight101, Oct 22 2008


       The "plug" needs an insulated sheath, until it is in position, then the shaeth is removed. Else it will complete circuits you don't want to complete on its way in.
4whom, Oct 22 2008

       How about a magnetic induction floor?
Spacecoyote, Oct 22 2008


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