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Sleep mark pillow

i.e. Go away; I've just woken up.
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Wake up with an amusing message on your face, using a slip in configurable bump mat under the pillow case.

Alternatively, gently place it under the head of your family/friend when they are sleeping.

Ling, Aug 10 2014

totally baked and available for sale http://www.jamesmca...html/mm_pillow.html
I have been using this piece of work in my art college slide shows for several years now [xenzag, Aug 11 2014]


       + but for personal use only
pashute, Aug 11 2014

       Sorry Ling.... nice idea, but like many nice ideas, it's already out there.
xenzag, Aug 11 2014

       [Xenzag] Well...who'd have thunk it? Actually, I wasn't thinking of nice little "good morning sweethearts", maybe a bit more like "I'm grumpy...bugger off!", or a practical joke logo of some type.
Ling, Aug 11 2014


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