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Sat Nav Bed

Get back those wasted hours
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Inspired by the Revolving Clock Bed I was going to annotate that, to suggest the bed gently creeps down the corridor during the night so that you wake next to the bathroom in the morning. But hey! Why not go the whole hog? Why waste so much time in traffic jams, when your bed can get you to work during the night? Running with an eco-friendly electric motor and batteries that store solar power during the day, the bed gently conveys you to your place of work during the early hours of the morning. You arrive refreshed and can change in to your "One-day paper suit" * in a special cubical built on the end. I'll leave the toilet facilities for you lot to work out.

* Pat pending

Jacob Marley, Nov 09 2005

Revolving Clock Bed Revolving_20clock_20bed
[Jacob Marley, Nov 09 2005]

(?) a use once paper suit http://www.cert-kits.com/k5010.html
we'd look like fools, fools I tell you. [neilp, Nov 10 2005]


       I want more from life than work and bed, does that make me peculiar?   

       I'd lay money on it having a flat tyre.
po, Nov 09 2005


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