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Sleep reminder lightbulb or lamp

Lightbulb gets dimmer and dimmer based on the time until you get the hint and go to sleep
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We used to get nine hours of sleep average. Then Edison invented the lightbulb. Now we get something like six hours average (in 2008).

If the likely cause of less sleep (the light bulb), could remind you time to turn in by getting dimmer and dimmer that would be a help to a lot of folks. Or if your computer posted a message about getting some ZZZs and fall asleep.

The timer could draw off a cell phone signal to stay in sync with the local 24 hr cycle.

You can tell the boss: " I got most of the project done, but then the lights went out. Want a bagel with your super large Coffee?"

popbottle, Nov 03 2013

dimming software (highly recommended) http://justgetflux....ws/pages/bigupdate/
[bs0u0155, Nov 03 2013]

Philips Hue https://www.meethue.com/en-US
[bs0u0155, Nov 03 2013]


       How many if you wish to be or remain emperor ?
popbottle, Nov 03 2013

       Baked. This: <link> with this: <link>.
bs0u0155, Nov 03 2013


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