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The Backup Bulb

Light of my Darkness
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An exciting new development in lighting. A second duller, bulb attached in parallel with the main bulb in a light. will be activated when a blown primary bulb is detected (i.e when it no longer draws a current) and stays lit, cutting power to the main bulb until the power is cycled. Facilitates easy changing of the primary bulb and stops you cracking your shins on the furniture.
key-aero, Aug 01 2001

blink bulb http://www.halfbake...k_20bulb#1008416646
same sort of idea nearly, but only using one bulb [gizmo, Dec 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Backup Filament Light Bulb http://www.halfbake...ment_20Light_20Bulb
The idea that appeared as an annotation to 'The Backup Bulb' and 'Blink bulb' distilled as its own idea. [st3f, Dec 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Damn, that's one fine house you got there. But the asbestos finger bit is the reason the second bulb is lower wattage than the first, and should be offset to to allow working room on the primary. The rubber feet should'nt be required due to the circuit breaker that's triggered along with the backup bulb. Obviously the chances of getting this past any kind of safety council are pretty minimal...   

       And I hope you're not suggesting that we all put those damn ugly faux chandelier things in our living rooms! Some people have taste you know.
key-aero, Aug 01 2001

       Baked also insofar as emergency light fittings work like this. (The light fixtures in my house are like [PeterSealy]'s.)
angel, Aug 01 2001

       PeterSealy is missing one key subtlety: in this proposal, the primary light doesn't come back on until the power has been cycled (that is, the light switch has been turned off and then back on). You don't need "asbestos fingers" if the bulb doesn't come on while you're still screwing it in.
baf, Aug 01 2001

       At first read I thought this was to be a second filament in a single bulb, rather than an entirely separate bulb.
PotatoStew, Aug 01 2001

       Added idea 'Backup Filament Light Bulb' as seperate idea. See link.
st3f, Dec 15 2001

       this is a damned stupid idea your moron!
barto-2004, Jan 14 2004


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