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Sleeper Plane

A new seating arrangement on airplanes
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Instead of facing forward, all the passenger seats face the right side of the airplane. And they don’t recline.

On over-night flights, after the meal is served and all the dishes cleared away, the pilot rolls the aircraft to the left so that all the passengers are lying back comfortably with their feet up. The airplane flies along in this tilted fashion through the night while its occupants rest, doze or sleep. It levels off again just before breakfast.

AO, Jan 19 2004


       As the fuselage tends to be circular, the interior could just rotate.
silverstormer, Jan 19 2004

       ...this will make those late night trips to the bathroom quite entertaining (scuse me, sorry, pardon me, oops).   

       Not knowing much about flying, can you fly along at an angle like that?
rbl, Jan 19 2004

       & after the meal is cleared up from the floor...   

       speaking as someone who will not go up in one of those darn things, I love it AO
po, Jan 19 2004

       I thought such angles occur during banking. Also, think of the poor pilot flying at an angle all night. I like silverstormer's notion of rotating the cabin space. Or seats could be kept on a swivel and all tilted back at one time, leaving the floor level. Bun momentarily withheld. I like it, but it's not practical.
k_sra, Jan 19 2004

       what [silverstormer] says - it would be annoying for the pilots to have to fly in an arc to get to the destination, without pointing out how time consuming this would be.
neilp, Jan 19 2004

       Excuse me while I tumble to the lavatory ... *bump* *smack* *crash* -oof
Letsbuildafort, Jan 19 2004

       + This is one of the truly beautiful stupidities.
ldischler, Jan 19 2004

       .....in December, riding my motorcycle from Colorado to Kansas, to find a trucker to take me and my bike to California...   

       The wind was so strong, I had to ride leaned over at a forty-five degree angle to remain in my lane and going in a straight line. When I went under a bridge, I'd have to stand it up, then drop it back down when I came out again. One of the weirdest hours I have ever spent....ahhhh, my gypsy youth.....
normzone, Jan 19 2004

       I’m pretty sure it’s possible to roll an airplane without making it turn by operating the ailerons but not the rudder. The bathroom issue is a little tougher since the blue liquid would spill out onto the wall.
AO, Jan 19 2004

       “This is your captain speaking. Sorry to wake you folks up, but I’m going to be returning your seats to the upright position for just a few minutes while we regain altitude and make a right turn.”
AO, Jan 19 2004

       "This is your captain speaking. We will be in orbit shortly, although this particular airframe isn't quite suited for that, I think it'll be neat anyway. So please relax and enjoy the ride ... <long pause> ... ha-ha just kidding. - That gets em' every time." <background copilot chuckling>
Letsbuildafort, Jan 19 2004

       <pilot in command VFR/SEL Q99 PA28-161> You can fly on an angle, almost forever. It is called a 'forward slip'. You throw full right rudder and full left aileron. Since it also throws the fuselage of the aircraft broadside into the wind, it uses a lot of fuel. It can be used to increase vertical velocity when landing without losing airspeed. Short field technique is to come in high and then kick it over and drop and straighten out just before touchdown. Passengers tend to hate flying like that.<pilot in command VFR/SEL Q99 PA28-161>
Klaatu, Jan 19 2004

       Beg to differ, [bp], without aileron, you would be describing yaw. When combining opposite forces on an aircraft, you induce a 'slip'. With rudder only, you would have a 'crab'.
<pilot since 7/9/1980>
Klaatu, Jan 19 2004

       [bp] so sorry to hear about the 'traumahawk' experience. Actually Q99 is San Martin. Gotta hanger fly some time.
[silverstormer] still has the idea on track. Easier to rotate the cabin.
Klaatu, Jan 19 2004


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