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ZZZ Airline Travel

packed and stacked and relaxed
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Not sure if what i am proposing is already baked. I hate flying, not because I am afraid or anything, just because it's never a pleasant experience.

I reckon that the best way to fly long distances would be to check-in your baggage, lie down in a pre-flight area, pop a pill (after your weight etc has been measured), or whatever other method that could put you to sleep for the duration of your flight. There would be no need for seats and all passengers could be stacked on shelves in "pods" that keep you comfortable the whole flight by gently massaging your muscles. You would arrive at the other end and be awakened in a similiar room to the one you left from, refreshed and ready to go.

No more irritating passenegers, sleepless trips, bad airline food, rude air hostesses, having to sit out a cigarette craving....

nevstock, Dec 03 2004

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       But the beauty here is that you are tranquelised for the whole ordeal.
nevstock, Dec 03 2004

       You really think that's the central element of this post? Would you really have posted this if you had read "airline passenger cartridges" first?
jutta, Dec 03 2004

       yup, as I said it in the first line, it's the experience of travelling by air that I hate. Therefore being TRANQUILISED, (sorry spelling police), would mean that you don't put up with everything that I put into my last paragraph. Makes sense huh? plus as an added bonus you could be stacked.
nevstock, Dec 03 2004

       AND you're still awake in Airliner Passenger Cartridges, Sorry...
nevstock, Dec 03 2004

       Drugged-unconscious air travel was the regular mode of transportation for the strong, but scared of flying, character "Mr. T", erm, B.A. Baracus [thanks, half] in the 80ies show "the A Team".   

       ["sorry, spelling police": one thing about the halfbakery I like is that you can go back and edit just about anything. So, when other people correct my spelling, I go back, click on "edit" next to the annotation, and just fix the spelling. The corrector then usually deletes the correction, and everything is as it was before, just a bit easier to read. So, no need to acknowledge these - just fix it!]
jutta, Dec 03 2004

       ("Mr. T" was the actor's name, the character's name was "B.A. Baracus". Sheesh, isn't it obvious just by looking at the two names?)
half, Dec 03 2004

       Well, if you had crazy ol' "Howling Mad" Murdoch at the yoke, you'd pity tha fool, too!
contracts, Dec 03 2004

       I believe this was baked, or at least put forth, in "The Fifth Element" starring Bruce "Die Hard" Willis.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 03 2004

       That was the Die Hard With Aliens sequel.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2006


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