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Sleeping in spreadsheets

Bedsheets, duvet covers and pillow cases adorned in spreadsheets
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What if you printed spreadsheets on white bed linen like sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases?

It will be any accountant geek's dream.

ljj, Feb 02 2009

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       Perhaps it can be wirelessly connected to your computer, and, using intelligent inks, display whatever is in a given spreadsheet.   

       But a bun, nonetheless.
Alx_xlA, Feb 03 2009

       Noooooo!!! (long day at work today)
sninctown, Feb 03 2009

       I won't vote for or against. I think there would be a market for these, but that's not what I want to think about at the end of a long workday!
paix120, Feb 03 2009

       //accountant geeks dream?/   

       Dream on. Have you ever been so stressed on a project at work you literally have dreams/nightmates about spreadsheets? + because its creative, - because I have and hate it. Neutral.
sprogga, Feb 03 2009

       //It will be any accountant geek's dream.//

An easy mistake to make. Accountants (geeky or otherwise) don't dream of spreadsheets. We dream of analysis paper; great, big, leather-bound volumes of it.
DrBob, Feb 03 2009

       so true [DrBob] it's for Administrative Assistants... and I don't want them either! no vote because it is a creative idea...
xandram, Feb 03 2009

       You should be able to email the linen company your spreadsheet and they'll make it into bedding for you. Then it's personal.
phundug, Feb 03 2009

       With a magic marker, this could be turned into an always-available sex accounting system, or - if you're trying for a baby - to time sex with fertile periods. The possibilities are limitless!
darren-b, Feb 03 2009

       can you write on these things (and the figures come out in the wash)?
po, Feb 03 2009

       Just be careful your cells don't merge and multiply.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 08 2009


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