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Twister Bed Sheets

(need I say more?)
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Could come in many differnt materials: starting with silk for the private evening games between couples, on down to 50-durometer silicone rubber for the late-night parties with close friends. May need to consider legal implications when oils are used with this product.
zoroaster, Sep 22 2001

(?) Twister duvet/doona, anyone? http://www.iwantone...aspx?product=TWIVAR
How about this? [seedy em, Oct 04 2004]

(?) another link http://www.boysstuf...roduct.asp?id=10470
to Twister duvet/doonas [neilp, Oct 04 2004]

Karmasheetra http://www.karmasheetra.com/
Yeah, I know, "karma". But I still think this should have been spelled Kamasheetra. [jutta, Apr 10 2007]


       I used to sell bedlinens for 'Sheridan of Australia' in U.S. -- one thing I'd mention about our sheets from the 'Ken Done' or 'Jenny Kee' designer line was that the only way the sheets could be any more fun was if they were 'Twister' sheets. May have been a factor in why I was top salesman worldwide - I moved a hell of a lot of product - Top day for me was $12,800.00 - Never came close to that again.
thumbwax, Sep 22 2001

       thumbwax, you never cease to amaze. You are indeed a man of parts. Do Twister Sheets come in 'Fetish' or 'Au Naturel' motifs?
Dog Ed, Sep 22 2001

       Thanks *reattaches thumb*
thumbwax, Sep 22 2001

       Damn! I really am a product of my environment (see Bachelor Chow idea). I really thought we had an original idea here; now I'm depressed. TW: What stopped the idea from taking off? Copyright & Trademark issues? The makers of Twister didn't want their game tied up with a new adult toy?
zoroaster, Sep 29 2001

       Not quite the sensual enjoyment that silk is, if you are interested ebay sells cotton twister bed sheets for all interested boys and girls.
klaire, Sep 05 2002

       <lo, behold> surfing on a lovely time waster site today, I saw a product I remembered was mentioned on here some time ago. hmm real life imitating the HB art, or vice versa? </l, b>
seedy em, Dec 01 2003

       I was hoping you would have to say a lot more because this was an idea for hurricane inspired bed linen.

P.S. [Gunner] there's a thing called a 'search engine' which lets you find stuff on the world wide web, I used it to find some twister sheets (see link above).
neilp, Dec 23 2003

       That's the holiday spirit!
thumbwax, Dec 24 2003

       //Top day for me was $12,800.00 - Never came close to that again.// yeah, but did you get over 350 and hit the reindeer?
po, Dec 24 2003

       gunner's link is not right!
po, Dec 24 2003

       I did po, I did...
barnzenen, Dec 24 2003

po, Dec 24 2003

       buddy? hey its christmas & UnaBubba is a much respected name around these parts!
po, Dec 24 2003

       I saw these for sale somewhere and the ad copy said, "the smoothest way to get your date between the sheets" it was so funny.
MoodyDeirdre, Feb 05 2004


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