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Stay-Put Velcro Sheets

Velcro-lined sheets and bedspreads that stay put as you toss and turn
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Enough of bed sheets that fall off the bed as you toss and turn yourself to sleep. Line a few inches along the edges or both sides with velcro that will stick to other velcro strips attatched to the outer perimeter of the bed. Wriggle around and horse-play all you want; these sheets are staying on the bed!
smizzou, Jun 26 2001

Sport Sheets http://www.discount...sportsheets_all.htm
Velcro sheet with accessories such as velcro pads with soft handcuffs. [StarChaser, Jun 26 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think they have these (well, as a sleeping bag) on the space shuttle and probably space station Alpha too.   

       If you did manage to "break the hold", wouldn't you be annoyed getting woken up with a loud velcro riiiiiiiip?
mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001

       That one's baked, UnaBubba.
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001


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