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Sliding Desk

Why do chairs get to have all the fun?
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A desk system made up of interlocking segments, like the ones used for airline baggage carousels, and as such can be made into various shapes for your office space. In addition, the desk surface may be slid to access clear workspace or another desktop device.

I've worked out some type of electrical plug/cord workaround, but I'm sure there is already a better solution for that than any one I could come up with.

Also of note, access to the center of the desk should utilize the interlocking nature of the sections and hinge up like a bar does for a bartender.

Used in conjunction with a swivel/sliding chair you could cut your swiveling time in half.

Sold in both manual and power sliding variants.

craigts, Oct 09 2006

Carousel Action http://video.google...gage+carousel&hl=en
For some reinforcement of the idea... [craigts, Oct 09 2006]

Lazy Susan Desktop http://www.charm.net/~jriley/lazys1.html
More of an actual carousel... [DrCurry, Oct 09 2006]

Desktop Lazy Susan http://www.atsoluti...sktop_lazysusan.htm
[DrCurry, Oct 09 2006]

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       I've worked with a sliding desk before. It's a little disconcerting when your work keeps drifting off into the sunset - you need a locking system.   

       Having said that, most office furniture is modular, and much of it on rollers (lockable or not). You sure this is not Baked?
DrCurry, Oct 09 2006

       Just the surface slides... the bottom would be much like a regular desk (e.g. open with only sparse fixed legs, or cabinets, etc.). Perhaps I'll link to a video of a baggage carousel in operation.
craigts, Oct 09 2006

       Ah, sorry, I didn't get what you meant by the carousel reference - so this is a sort of Lazy Susan desk?
DrCurry, Oct 09 2006

       Not bad with the 'Lazy Susan Desktop' link, but I still like mine better. Maybe when I get done with this work thing I'll do some drawings of my own.
craigts, Oct 09 2006

       There! Tit for Tat.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 03 2007


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