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Sliding Staircase

Practical and fun adjustable stairs
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Each stair step of these stairs can, by means of advanced hydraulics and a remote control, be moved horizontally. Many uses present themselves:

- Customize the staircase to the dimensions of your abode.

- Create a wide-stepped stairway for the Southern belle or rheumatic grandpa.

- Make a variety of climbing walls. The automatic belaying winch and safety gate must be installed.

- Dial in a steep cliff that can’t be ascended, at bedtime upstairs, to feel secure from thieves.

With the stair step rotation option you can produce a multitude of differently shaped, slippery slides; fun for kids from 5 to 65.

FarmerJohn, Dec 21 2002


       [farmer] seriously, my dog's sight is deteriorating and she stands at the top of the stairs, scared to descend. can these stairs somehow give her courage to take the first step.
po, Dec 21 2002

       Doesn't Hogwarts have something like this?
bristolz, Dec 21 2002

       Would it have a "random" mode?
half, Dec 21 2002

       aw, I live in a bungalow.
bermo, Dec 22 2002

       [Po] does your dog like slides?   


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