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Stair cupboards

more priority storage
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So I have a problem with storage. Well, several problems actually, but one of them is that cupboards are too *deep*. If the cupboard is full, there's stuff at the back you can't get to without removing whatever is in front. If you can remember where that is.

Obviously, the front of the cupboard is a limited resource. What we need are more, shallower cupboards. But accessible space for cupboards is also a limited resource.

It occurs to me that when a staircase is installed, a small cupboard could be built under every stair. The bottom steps can have drawers for "pull out" deep access, while the higher steps have shallower shelves with (self-closing) doors, for rapid individual item access. It's clear that there are many things which won't be suitable for those cupboards (too big, too delicate, too heavy etc.). But for the things they can take, they'd be great.

One disadvantage is that you can't run carpeting down the entire thing in a single section. Plain wooden stairs are fine though, arn't they?

Loris, Sep 21 2015

https://www.google...._w&biw=1605&bih=991 [hippo, Sep 21 2015]

another possibility https://www.google....u&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
these are meant to snuggle up to the underside of your staircase. [dentworth, Sep 24 2015]


       Thanks for the link, hippo. I should have done that search.
Although all of these implementations look great, I'd like to point out that none of them are quite as I described.
Loris, Sep 21 2015

       No, I know - I just really like inventive uses of space like these
hippo, Sep 21 2015

       If what you're trying to store are cans, then make your kitchen shelves ramped, so that you have a FIFO system--put new items in the back, and take items from the front.
RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2015

       Two is the accepted minimim.   

       Cupboards as described in the idea have existed for centuries in some Dutch and Belgian houses.
8th of 7, Sep 23 2015

       I'd like just one hidden cupboard, that no one could tell from the regular wood. A safe spot for all my millions of thingies that are priceless.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2015

       there is a h & s issue here. think untidy people who leave drawers open.
po, Oct 25 2015

       If storage closets had eyes on them, they would be called stare cupboards, and the possession of cow horns would make them steer cupboards.
xenzag, Oct 25 2015

       //there is a h & s issue here. think untidy people who leave drawers open.//   

       This is one reason I specified self-closing cupboards for the higher section.
On the other hand, if you live with someone who is enough of a slob to leave things in an unsafe state, they'll be leaving things on the stairs already.
Loris, Oct 25 2015

       This idea is not for what I was hoping.   

       During renovation work, we often have entire staircases that need to be stored, either because they are being replaced, or to protect them during the work. I am disappointed to discover that the advertised "stair cupboards" are in no way suited to the storage of stairs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2015

       The one where the drawers are used as steps to get to the top of the closet is ingenious.
pashute, Oct 26 2015


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