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stretching exercise
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Down a purpose-built outsize distorted staircase-like structure, you ride inside a large slinky to whose coils you are elastically tethered at wrist and ankle.

If you cannot use your limbs to vary the course of the slinky, you will not avoid the surreal obstacles in your path.

The paper-like skin and internal lighting create a Japanese-lantern effect entirely extraneous to the therapeutic purpose of the exercise which is, of course, to provide a treatment for ankylosing spondylitis.

Equally extraneous are the backdrops taken from lurid, low-budget films.

pertinax, Apr 19 2008

You have to keep flexing your backbone http://en.wikipedia...ylosing_spondylitis
or it turns into a brittle bamboo-like thing. [pertinax, Apr 20 2008]


       I don't know about you, but Slinkys bend in ways I simply do not.
DrCurry, Apr 20 2008

       Dangerous, probably impossible, yet inspired.
wagster, Apr 20 2008

       My tendons were cryng just reading this, but I love the visual.
blissmiss, Apr 21 2008

       //Slinkys bend in ways I simply do not.//   

       With a big enough slinky, and long enough elastics, you wouldn't *have* to bend at all, but could just be a straight line not quite tangential to the inner curve of the slinky. Of course that would spoil it, so the slinky would probably be slightly smaller than this.
pertinax, Apr 21 2008

       "Slinkynastics - they're slinkytastic!"
wagster, Apr 21 2008

       This is the first I have heard of "treatment" of auto-immune deseases, of this type, that does not involve DMD's. No plasmoquine, methotrexate, solazapyrin? No cortizone, cortizone epidurals? My God, you are a veritable "Willow-back" in comparison.   

       This is a treatment of symptoms, not the desease. Which I applaud. Laughter is the best medicine.
4whom, Apr 21 2008


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