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What serious student has time for an exercise program?
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With all the reading the average student (namely in my case History major) has to do who has time for an exercise routine? Let alone stay awake through it all? Here's the answer:

Walk and read. You'll get your reading done, you'll get your exercise, it will keep you awake, and you'll get out of your room

Seriously. A flat road, a dry day, good peripheral, as long as the book isn't too heavy or wide. The neighbors will call you the "road-scholar"

mack2, Jan 10 2004


       Heh, or the Road-Rash?   

       Shouldn't _you be_ studying right now?
Tiger Lily, Jan 10 2004

       have you ever seen a textbook that wasn't 'too heavy or wide' ?? besides, there'd be too much giggling-while-walking of the book and it would give you a headache. now, if the text was digital on a large screen handheld thingy which was mounted by springs on a frame attached to your torso....i see potential. excercising your brain and your bod. very efficient. and i bet the increased blood flow to your brain would actually improve retention.
mapgrrl, Jan 10 2004

       Actually, mapgrrl, few of my textbooks in college were the classic oversized version. My first year biology textbook was like this, (oversized harbound), and my freshmen chemistry book was second to it in size, but the rest of my texts after this were spiffy, soft cover new releases. Not paperback size, but modestly thick and midsize, like a midsize sport car. I never sold back any of my texts. I still enjoy browsing through them.   

       [mack2], take up speed reading, get your reading done, then leave your book at home. If you live in a northern climate, during winter months you could cross country ski to the post office; I do.
Tiger Lily, Jan 10 2004

       I (occasionally) use the treadmill. I call it walk and watch tv :)
theircompetitor, Jan 10 2004

       I actually do this and have for years. I got the name from the day one of my neighbors called me a "road-scholar". And I live south of Seattle so it isn't always possible. [TheirCompetitor] I tried the tredmill thing once, almost fell on my face.   

       [TigerLily] I'm a kinda slow reader and it used to really bug me until a librarian told me she is a speed-reader and the problem with that is it never goes from her short term memory to long-term. If she really wants to remember something she has to say the words in her head as she reads -- exactly how I read.
mack2, Jan 10 2004

       lovely concept. not practical at all here though.
po, Jan 10 2004

       You can always read while you eat. Or in the crapper. Or on long road trips. For reading while walking, though, maybe text scrolling across TV glasses is the answer...
Eugene, Jan 10 2004

       //giggling-while-walking of the book // books giggle??   

       I actually have been baking this my whole life, but just because i am a loser who loves to read and won't put down my book unless I HAVE to. So i have baked, reading/walking, reading/eating, reading/talking, reading/cooking, etc, etc, etc.   

       but i have to give you a bun for half baking on of my favorite things..:)
babyhawk, Jan 10 2004


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