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Subset of cartooney stuff 3d design principle
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This would be a bunch of stuff printed out of a 3d printer that is designed from scrawls or untutored lines from childrens drawings. Have you ever noticed that it is really hard to pretend like you are a kid and draw something (if you are an adult and already "know" how to draw?). So I am not attaching any examples to this idea because they all came out like an adult trying to act like they are a kid having a "great time" drawing stick figures and houses. but you know, just go around xeroxing little kid drawings and when you come up with a solid 2d shape, extrude it into 3 dimensions and have a fancy little-kid-designed chair or something. What about taking lines from nature like the edge of a twig or branch and shaping furniture around that line. Did anyone hear that there is a position open at RepRap? Those guys need a crazy idea person. especially some one who knows about accessibility and can bake accessibility into their process.
JesusHChrist, Oct 23 2011

Cartoony design principle "parent" category CartoonyDesignPrinciple#edit
[JesusHChrist, Oct 23 2011]

Maybe they could make furniture like these guys... http://www.straight....com/furniture.html
[RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2011]




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