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Slug turntable

Deter slugs automatically with a twirly thing
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Surround plant with rotating discs triggered by contact. Slug slithers onto disc, disc swivels 180 degrees, slug proceeds in opposite direction, plant is safe.

Be nice guys, I've addled my brain with girl juice, which wouldn't be a problem for slugs.

nineteenthly, Oct 10 2013


       //girl juice//?????????
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 10 2013

       Doesn't kill the slugs.   

       Also, insufficient gratuitously dangerous deployment of accelerants, pyrotechnics, persisitant metallic and organic toxins, deflagrants and explosives.   

       Neutral vote pending upgraded violence level.
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       You don't really want to know, [Max]. Recall that this statement came from the Halfbaker who wanted to eat his own willie.
ytk, Oct 10 2013

       So...disc is initially betwixt plant and incoming slug, such that slug is at 0 degrees and plant is at 180 degrees. Slug steps onto disc, disc rotates 180 degrees, and suddenly slug is located at 180 degrees, aka, adjacent plant. If the rotation is fast and stops suddenly, you could even fling slug directly onto plant, thereby perfecting your slug-feeding machine / plant-killing machine.
the porpoise, Oct 10 2013

       Hmm,slug powered wheel with small harness and bit of a lettuce on a stick?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2013

       It would need to ensure that the slug was centred on the dais before rotation.   

       There is such a thing as slug syrup, [8th of 7]. Would you be open to the idea that the molluscs become a resource for cough medicine? There could be a rapid acceleration flinging them into a wall of spikes if you really want.   

       My willy is less of a morsel than before, which I consider progress, but I stand by the idea that more normal people might want to freeze their excised tumours in liquid nitrogen and smash them with hammers, and that, at heart, preserves the core of the previous idea.
nineteenthly, Oct 11 2013

       [+]'ed for the sheer ludicrosity of the visual this inspires.
awesomest, Oct 11 2013


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