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School for Mousers

Train kittens to seek out and destroy mice.
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For a fee the school would take your kitten and train it to be a mouser. The school could also train it's own kittens and sell/lease trained mousers. I'm not much of an animal trainer, especially concerning cats, so these ideas may not fly: Kittens could be trained to destroy mice by using an experienced mouser to show them how it is done. It may be desirable to train mousers to kill but not eat mice to avoid disease or poison in the mouse. Also, the mouser will stay where the food, provided by owner, is. It is desirable to train mousers to leave birds alone.

Ultimately, a successful mouser school would gain a lot of knowledge about what it takes to make and take care of a mouser. Perhaps a breed of cat could be started that was inherently a superior mouser but still a nice kitty to have around.

hangingchad, Nov 13 2004


       you don't own any cats do you?
dentworth, Nov 13 2004

       a school for mice to exercise cats might be more useful.
po, Nov 13 2004

       My cat doesn't give a rat's ass - he brings the whole body.
FarmerJohn, Nov 13 2004

       [dentworth]: Dogs have owners; cats have staff.
angel, Nov 13 2004

       Tell me you are joking.
The Kat, Nov 14 2004

       [The Kat] I'm not joking. The idea may be half baked because I'm no cat expert. I've seen on TV nature shows where young lions learn to stalk and kill from the lioness. Of course, the cynical way of looking at this would be if I proposed to open a school and to take fees for training untrainable animals to do what comes naturally
hangingchad, Nov 14 2004

       my cat had staff once. it cleared up after a while though.
benfrost, Nov 15 2004


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