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Slurpee Map

Can't find the Bubblegum flavour? Use this.
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There are websites which have an user-submitted database of gasoline prices at various locations. As it is in everyone's interest to get most amount of fuel for their money, these databases are accurate and are updated often. This same sort of ethic applies to true fans of the Slurpee.

Word-of-mouth is the primary means of Slurpee communication. The internet and instant messaging clients have done wonders for flavour hunting. People have even set up their own websites with Slurpee diaries. But these systems are laregly decentralized and blindspots riddle the grid. This is why I propose a Slurpee database.

Much like the gas price databases, this would be user-submitted. Updates on flavours would be sent in, along with attributes such as "flavour currently mixing with new flavour," "machine broken," "clerk gives out the really big sample cups," and even the best time of day to get a cup. These would all be tied to stores, and displayed on a map of your area or on individual pages for each store. Throw in a search feature, and finding your favourite flavour becomes easier than ever.

The elusive Bubblegum comes into reach at last.

rapid transit, May 22 2003

Adriane's Southern Page http://www.geocitie.../3765/southern.html
"Moon Pie" info & photo is in there someplace. [Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Slurpee Stuff. http://www.bradfitz.com/slurpees/
Etiquette, stories, pictures, humour. [Cedar Park, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Can't talk now. Brain frozen. (+)
Cedar Park, May 22 2003

       It's a Coca-Cola Icee (Slurpee) for me. How they can sell that much sugar for only $1.50 just boggles the mind.
As long as someone's poking around in every gas station in the world, why not expand this database? I'd like to know who sells "Idaho Spuds", those decadent coconut-covered chocolate sponge candy bars. Or where to get a fresh pepperoni "rope" 8 feet long. Or banana moon pies. Mmm... moon pie...
Amos Kito, May 22 2003

       <Apu>....mmmm....curry slurpee!.... </Apu>
Cedar Park, May 23 2003

       Too bad JellyBelly didn't make Slurpee flavours, eh?   

       Wait... we might be fortunate that they don't. A friend of mine has a picture of a machine with a "Popcorn Butterama" flavour being displayed on it.   

       If I can find a link, I'll post it.   

       (I've also heard rumours of a ketchup slurpee... ............)
rapid transit, May 23 2003

       I wanna know where i can get cheese waffies. How about a cheese waffies and bill's pork rinds database?
muchow, May 23 2003

       What about a tinned mince database?
saker, May 23 2003

       I like a good slurpee as much as the next guy, but how is this different than any of the millions of travel-guide niches already in existence?
ato_de, May 23 2003

       Calling DBs a "list" is a slippery slope, [UB]. There's a lot of ideas here that use a DB as a center piece.
bristolz, May 23 2003

       Slurpee ettiquette. That's a funny site, Cedar Park.
snarfyguy, May 23 2003

       From the help file:
"list - the invention itself is a conversation game that is played in the annotations. For example, everybody posts their favorite names, or whom they'd eat first if they were stuck with humanity on a desert island, or people write a story by each appending a single word."

       In what way is this invention a word game or list, [Bubba]? It does not become mfd worthy because people are listing their favorite junk foods. The idea itself must call for a list of favorite junk foods and this one does not.
k_sra, May 23 2003


       A Slurpee layer in a GIS program. That is, by far, one of the best junkfood/geography tie-ins I've ever seen. It certainly tops my idea of plotting the distribution of wealth in Vancouver by mapping the pay-per-slice pizza joints and their charges. I'll certainly take your suggestions into consideration if I ever get about to making this.   

       One interesting thing I've always wondered about, which GIS would help with, is how the stores live and die. 7-11s come and go, seemingly without rhyme, reason, nor a wave good-bye. Then a couple more pop up in another spot, existing for a few more years. It's odd.   

       Someone I know has a theory that 7-11 builds their stores based on the math in John Conway's Game of Life. I'm not too sure if he's right or not, but GIS would surely put this issue to rest.
rapid transit, May 23 2003

       [rapid transit]: I don't know if the pizza wealth distribution theory would fly. The joint at the corner of Seymour and Pender is cheap, but the real estate around it amongst the most expensive in town.
Cedar Park, May 24 2003

       Granville's chock full of 99-centers too. Land isn't cheap there. Actually, land isn't cheap anywhere that there's sufficient foot traffic to make a cheap pizza place profitable. I suppose I could chart it based on pizza price vs. transit routes. Or crime activity. Or anything else, really. GIS provides for that possibility.   

       What'd be really interesting, in terms of economics, is to learn how the price of pizza had changed over the years. How inflation has affected the quality and quantity availiable.   

       Mmm. Pizza economic barometer. Yum.
rapid transit, May 24 2003

       Apu? Can't talk- drinking? Saying mmm over something food related in a way normal people wouldn't want to know about? This sounds more like a Simpsons episode rather an idea.
croissantz, Oct 06 2004


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