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Bottle opening stapler
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what about a stapler that is a bottle opener underneath. This would facilitate the multi-tasking administrating alcoholic. Would also be useful when camping, for ripped tents etc.
stapler, Sep 17 2003

Swiss Army Mouse http://www.halfbake...wiss_20Army_20Mouse
Give this to the multi-tasking administrating alcoholic. [ghillie, Oct 04 2004]


       Handy for office parties too.
jamieb, Sep 17 2003

       Maybe the Xerox machine could have a little refrigerator built into it.
AO, Sep 17 2003

       the mind boggles [jamieb], what on earth do you want a stapler for at office parties ?
neilp, Sep 17 2003

       [stapler] - this is a fine idea (+)
neilp, Sep 17 2003

       i struggled to think of an application for such a product, but then it occured to me that you could use this to staple the beer bottle labels together from your evening to produce an aide memoire of your drinking exploits. +, for this was surely what you meant it to be used for.
jonthegeologist, Sep 17 2003

       And when you've had enough for the day, you can staple the bottle top shut again. Well, maybe not.   

       (Btw, duct tape is what you need when camping, not staples.)
DrCurry, Sep 17 2003

       [stapler] - surely a duct tape dispenser with built in bottle opener is a more appropriate drinking/tent repair tool?
jonthegeologist, Sep 17 2003

       Swiss-Army Office Supplies:   

       "Yeah, it's got my tape dispenser, my stapler, (a redline Swinger model), my highlighter, eraser shield, protractor, planner, PDA, cellphone, HP calculator and three-hole punch all built in..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 17 2003

       "An X that also does Y"? Seems mfd-able to me.
waugsqueke, Sep 17 2003

       From Help file: //consumer advice - the author wants help with finding a piece of software or consumer good that meets their specification. These ideas usually have the form "An X that doesn't do Y", or "An X that also does Y", where X is some well-known and widely varied consumer good, and Y a rather obvious problem with it.//   

       I don’t think this falls into the “X that does Y” category, even though it is a stapler that opens bottles. It’s true that X (stapler) is well-known and widely varied, but I don’t think that the inability to open bottles is an obvious problem with existing staplers.
AO, Sep 17 2003

       It could be argued that the author thinks it is a problem, and the idea is an attempt to solve it.
waugsqueke, Sep 17 2003

       much better to have a bottle opener that can staple.
po, Sep 17 2003

       Clearly [stapler] thinks it’s a problem, but it’s not an obvious problem.
AO, Sep 17 2003

       And that's a problem?
k_sra, Sep 17 2003

       is it a name thang?   

       i.e. I don't have a pot for you know what? but I don't want to start a list.
po, Sep 17 2003

       AO: I dunno - it's obvious to me that if you're trying to open a bottle with a stapler, you've got a problem.   

       Up next: a flashlight with a built-in divot repair tool.
DrCurry, Sep 17 2003

       You mean staplers don't open bottles? Just pop up that little spinning base thingy (the one that lets you make staples that spread either out or in) and use it to pry up the cap.
Freefall, Sep 17 2003

       Yeah, but then you get staples everywhere.
k_sra, Sep 17 2003

       I think [bottle opener] needs to weigh in on this one, so we can find out if they are compatible. What if [bottle opener] likes it on top?
oxen crossing, Sep 17 2003

       Good point. We have selfishly neglected to consider [bottleopeners] feelings on this. That was very sensitive of you [oxen_crossing].
k_sra, Sep 17 2003

       Selfishly? Perhaps that is too harsh a characterization. How about "unintentionally?" (Today I try to be extra nice. No more mean attacks)
oxen crossing, Sep 17 2003

       Just follow [DrC]'s advice, use duct tape for both purposes: sticks stuff together and once applied to a bottle top, will help remove it from the bottle.
silverstormer, Sep 17 2003


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