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Small town National Enquirer

Local scandal sheet
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Big city newspapers are having a hard time making profit, maybe it's because all the papers are covering the same national and international events. I have not heard that scandal sheets are losing money. Web sites focusing on suburbs seem to be coming into vogue. Since people seem to be crazy about celebrities and gossip, the money may be in creating small town National Enquirer type newspapers focusing on local persons and their lives.

Sorry I can stop these things from popping up in my mind.

Sunstone, Aug 21 2008

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       "[Sunstone] unable to keep things from popping into his mind! We have the pictures to prove it!"
normzone, Aug 21 2008

       uncomfortable... imagine ratting out your neighbor. then living next to him for 10 years.   

       Besides... isn't that what church is for?
astronot, Aug 22 2008

       Will there be Space Aliens ? Elvis ? Men in Black ? [+]
8th of 7, Aug 22 2008

       A bun if you remove the word *national*...should be Small Town Inquirer. +
xandram, Aug 24 2008

       oh! the drama!
afinehowdoyoudo, Aug 25 2008

       Fully baked. See: Barbershop.
elhigh, Aug 25 2008

       We had one of these for a while in my small town in Louisiana. This guy started attending town council meetings and asking difficult and uncomfortable questions (was the bid process followed when you contracted X with contractor X who is your X-in-law? No? Well, why the X not?). Then he would write it in an 8-page half-sized paper and leave it around for free.   

       It was amazing that he never got sued. He got beat up a couple of times, and then he kind of got a really big grass cutting contract with the town and the Parish. Then he no longer had time to do his paper.
nomocrow, Aug 25 2008

       Totally Baked: See Real Estate Scandal Sheet.   

       I've lived in small towns pretty much my entire life. About once a week, usually through real estate agents but other businesses as well, there's a scandal sheet circulated with information about marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, criminal and civil court proceedings, you name it.   

       They're not generally available, but not necessarily hard to get to either.
Noexit, Aug 27 2008


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