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Today, on a roll

Scroll Newspapers
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My dad always buys a newspaper, on a Sunday he gets the Sunday Times which he spreads all over the place as he reads it. My idea was to have a newspaper on a scroll. It is sold as a rolled up paper, with a free cheap scroll device for people that want to read it on a bus/train whatever. The scroll would be attached to a free rolling devise that passes from the left to the right hand. (Full news on the left - attached to scrolling devise on the right) like winding on a new photo film. You can either use the free scroll supplied with the paper, or buy a deluxe 'pine news holder' for the home, which attaches one end of the paper and allows you to thread the newspaper through it, secure to the right hand roller and wind on as you read.
gizmo, May 05 2002

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Already HalfBaked. [phoenix, May 06 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       This would lead to adverts for the Jewish faith : Torah. The original newspaper.   

       Pastry for the idea though
[ sctld ], May 05 2002

       Baked by the Romans, I believe.

I like spreading The Observer all over the coffee table come Sunday, so I'm not sure I can croissant this, practical though it may be.
mcscotland, May 05 2002

       I like it. I remember a toy that I had as a kid that worked sort of like this. It had various activities on some kind of plastic sheet that allowed marking/coloring with crayons and then the crayon marks could be wiped off. 2 knobs on the right side allowed rolling of the scroll/sheet up or down to see different activities.
half, May 06 2002

       It's going to make newspapers more bulky and expensive, and you won't be able to fold it into quarters to lean on for doing the crossword.
pottedstu, May 06 2002


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