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speedo/heartbeat driven music generator

Constantly variable music for cyclist.
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Rig up a bicycle so that the speedo gives out a radio pulse (bluetooth?); also (optional) hear-rate monitor watch - which also outputs a similar radio pulse.

The rider wears a miniature synthesizer which contains say an appregiator and some other music-generating algorithms.

As you ride your bike faster and slower, the music's BPM and major/minor patterns (etc) change to reflect how fast you are going and how fast your heart is going.

(For instance, maybe minor keys for "heartrate * r1 > bike speed * r2" (you are working very hard, but not going that fast) and major keys for the converse situation).

[ where r1 and r2 could be used to scale the two measurements ]

The idea being: it would make cycling more interesting and introduce a challenge (try and get the music as banging as possible).

With additional inputs (say GPS and inbuilt maps for known-danger spots), the music could become more alarming to indicate to the rider to exercise caution.

(If you think of the computer game Metal Gear solid (for instance) - the music meshes from one style/tempo to another, depending on the situation the player is in)

monojohnny, May 28 2006

Apple/Nike http://www.business...onsumer+electronics
runner's version [csea, May 29 2006]

JogPod similar [xaviergisz, May 29 2006]

I think this goes a very long way to Baking this http://www.nytimes....aha+bodibeat&st=nyt
The new Yamaha Bodibeat selects MP3 tracks that match your heartrate. [DrCurry, Jan 24 2008]


       That would be great. Participatory musical environment. Wonderful. However, listening to music on a bike can be hazardous. Perhaps could also function in reverse as a "BLACK BOX", in case of accident.
epicproblem, May 29 2006

       Great minds think alike - see Apple/Nike version for runners. [link]   

csea, May 29 2006

       From how I read the announcements, the Nike / Apple collaboration is (a) an audio-UI exercise monitoring system with voice announcements (b) a series of fixed-content motivational / exercise "tapes" - nothing close to the complexity of this idea. (Not to say that it's impossible - I agree it is totally doable, and the shoes might be a good platform for it - but that's not where they are right now.)
Or did I miss something?

       Alternative for the less musically interested: add text-to-speech and a story generator that quickly advances a plot or slows it to a boring, detailed crawl depending on heart rate.
jutta, May 29 2006

       I run a fair amount - 25 + miles per week. I tried running with music - hated it. Cycling could be a different exerience though. I prefer to hear sounds around me - but + for an ok idea
xenzag, May 29 2006

       The title suggested to me a method of utilising the energy stored in tight elasticated swimwear (I'm in alternative energy mode this morning). But have a bun anyway.
7ennyn, May 29 2006

       That's getting closer, but still covers only music selection, not algorithmic composition, as suggested by this idea. They're pretty much nailing the JogPod, though! (BB, do you want to move the link to there?)
jutta, May 30 2006

       I have to say that the apple patent seems to deal with pre-recording audio, with timeslicing and other effects laid on it.   

       It doesn't cover the *generation* of music specifically, but I guess that could be implied since it doesn't go into specifics of the original source in too much detail. (Although it does refer to an 'audio stream').   

       On balance I guess this is 95% baked ..... :-(
monojohnny, May 31 2006

       It should play a diminished scale when you have a heart attack, and the whole tone scale when you're dead.
spiritualized, May 31 2006

       As your heart rate and speed increased, would the faster tempo make you work harder, speeding up your heartbeat and so on....   

       There'd have to be an upper limit or you might find yourself peddaling until you collapsed.
oneoffdave, May 31 2006

       To add to spiritualized's ideas: and then finally after diminished chords (heart attack), whole tone scale (dead); play the noise that pacman makes when he dies.   

       Although its getting a bit 'if a tree falls in a forest, but there's nobody there, does it make a sound' at this point....
monojohnny, May 31 2006

       What the hell is a speedo?
jellydoughnut, May 31 2006

       speedo - speedometer.   

       Thats what we call them here ! Don't know what you call them , but its the thing that tells you how fast you are going !
monojohnny, Jun 02 2006

       Oh. I figured you wanted to integrate your invention into tight-fitting waterwear.
jutta, Jun 02 2006

       Me too. Got scared for a minute there. Spedometers don't have a nickname here.
jellydoughnut, Jun 03 2006

       See link - something very like unto this is now on the market, targeted at athletes in general.
DrCurry, Jan 24 2008


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