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Smart airport moving walkway

A moving walkway that takes you exactly where you want to go
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We've all been on moving walkways at the airport. Passengers can often avoid walking as much if they just get on these large conveyor belts and stand there are they are gradually taken closer to their gate. However, the passenger's luggage is actually handled more intelligently than the passenger themselves. The luggage is given a tag, and is then routed to its final destination by computer. Why not give every passenger a card that they can swipe when they come to a moving walkway, and the walkway would automatically move that passenger to the right destination. The walkways would have to be expanded so that they went directly to every gate, and technology would have to be used that would allow the section of the walkway that the passenger is standing on to be detachable and manuverable enough to accomplish this. That way, passengers would never go to the wrong gate, and would not need to be able to read the native language of whatever country they are in.
gekko959, Dec 09 2002

futurebird did something similar... http://www.halfbake...ay_2f_20underground
I think this is the one, not woken up yet! [po, Oct 04 2004]



       //, the passenger's luggage is actually handled more intelligently than the passenger themselves//   

       This Summer, my luggage arrived in London Heathrow while I touched down in JFK New York.   

       It then followed my to New York - but I had already gone to New Orleans. I carried on to Boston, returned to New York and happily fought tooth and nail with the airport to reclaim my luggage - still neatly folded and ready for wearing upon my return to Glasgow the next day, via Manchester (UK).   

       My luggage had different ideas however and went for a wee ride to London again. A couple of days later we are reunited and exchanged lovely stories of our separate (but equal) holidays.
Jinbish, Dec 09 2002

       Actually, efficient personalized delivery is available to passengers as well. Just get a wife with a sprained ankle (or similar incapacity), and trained drivers will whisk you (and your luggage) to your destination on one of those little carts.
dalek, Dec 09 2002


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