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Solar Hullaconveyor Belt

Just what the title says.
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The Solar Hullaconveyor Belt (AKA solarhullatravellator), is an inclined conveyor belt or travellator, powered by solar baloons, in a Hullaballoon configuration.

Take an inclined travellator or conveyor belt (or a bucket conveyor belt), and attach solar balloons to its rim. The balloons are semi-inflated at the bottom of the incline. The sun then heats the air inside the balloons. The balloons rise pull the belt upwards. As each balloon reaches the top of the inclination, a vent opens and deflates it. The balloon then travels down the belt's underside to the bottom of the incline, where it's semi-inflated again.

Effectivity rises with the steepness of the incline; a vertical bucket conveyor belt would have the highest efficiency.

The Solar hullatravellator is good for all those applications when you don't really need speed or reliability, but would appreciate it if some work got done, eventually. In its own time. No hurry. Plus, it's fun to look at.

Veho, Feb 20 2009

The Hullaballoon Hullaballoon
[Veho, Feb 20 2009]

Solar balloons http://www.solar-balloons.com/
[Veho, Feb 20 2009]




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