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Smarter Stovetop

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With recipe in hand, and ingredients prepared, you press the "Record" button on stove top. Several things happen; The stove records in time all burner settings. A camera records stove top action. The chef flags important events, such as addition of ingredients, mixing, covering etc into the computer. Scales incorporated into the burners record the weight present. When finished, press Stop. You can use the stove-cam to take a picture of the recipe page. Note any suggested modifications for future reference.

3 months later, you've decided to cook this recipe again... you've printed out the recipe page, gone to the grocery store, and prepared the items. Press "Play" - The stove warns a burner may turn on, press OK or Cancel... The monitor displays your previous actions, as you follow along. You are prompted when to add ingredients, or stir as per your previous flags. You are alerted to differences in weight added.

You can keep track of changes made to the recipe each time you cook it, in an iterative approach to perfection.

knowtion, Oct 16 2009


       Indeed, that's a good idea [21 Quest]. The "preperation" could be recorded using a "counter-cam" (sold seperately).
knowtion, Oct 16 2009


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