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Solid Burner Inserts

Something to replace those stupid coils
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These solid 1 piece replacement stove burners will replace those lousy coiled burners that are the bane of most cooks existance. The inserts fit right in in place of the coil burners and drip trays on most common electric stoves. The smooth surfaces allow for easy wipe up cleaning and the solid one piece design holds all pans and pots flat and level for fast even heating.

Available in common sizes with a wide selection of replacable connectors to fit most any make and model of electric range.

Get yours today.

jhomrighaus, Apr 24 2006


       Solid disk elements are common.
half, Apr 24 2006

       Not as stock replacements for standard coils as far I as I know.
jhomrighaus, Apr 24 2006

       Maybe it's just the way I read it. It wasn't clear to me what the invention was. I guess I have the expectation that when adapting existing technology, one would reference the existing technology as being just that.   

       So, the idea is to retrofit existing solid elements in to stoves originally equipped with coils.   

       Yeah, I don't know if the existing solid elements work as a drop in replacement either. Never tried it. Seems possible with a minimum of adaptation. Probably would need some sort of seal (high temp silicone?) between the burner and the stovetop.
half, Apr 24 2006

       I recieved the following email from somone looking for just such a thing, perhaps this idea isnt that bad after all.   

       "Jason, I've been looking for retrofit solid disk burners to replace my coils. I can't find any but I found you're thresad, so I thought I'd ask to see if you knew where I can find some replacement burners. Can you help. Thanks, ---"   

       Maybe I need to give this one a shot for real.
jhomrighaus, Aug 20 2006

       I had those coils in an appartment once. Thank god I didn't cook enough to need them cleaned!
ye_river_xiv, Aug 21 2006

       Surprised this didn't have more votes. It's a good idea, and not at all impossible to create this so that the coils are enclosed and cover the gap that the drip pans would otherwise fill in.
shapu, Feb 11 2007

       Thanks Shapu, I don't think people understood the concept. If they were for sale i can say that I would have bought more than 30 of them over the years.
jhomrighaus, Feb 11 2007


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