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Smartphone Stun Gun

Smartphone equipped with a stun gun
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Tired of carrying around both a personal communication device AND mid-grade personal weaponry? Well, now the two are one. Although excessive use of the stun gun may cause rapid battery drain. Additionally, you can use the stun gun as a cigarette lighter, or as an unusually robust morning alarm.
bs0u0155, Apr 01 2013

Cellphone Stun Gun http://www.stunguns...hone-stun-guns.html
Done before [sanman, Apr 01 2013]

Stun Gun Case http://www.yellowjacketcase.com/
Upgrade Your Phone Without Losing the Stun Gun [sanman, Apr 01 2013]


       I'm not certain the alarm is going to achieve the desired effect...
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2013

       And then someone hacks your phone to trigger the stun gun, instead of a ring-tone, when someone calls....
Vernon, Apr 01 2013

       I dunno, I doubt I'd fall asleep in the first place if there was a stun gun resting on the bed frame. Falling asleep in the first place is correlates strongly with oversleeping.
bs0u0155, Apr 01 2013

       //And then someone hacks your phone to trigger the stun gun, instead of a ring-tone, when someone calls....//   

       This just adds to the sense of exhilaration you get with ownership of such a device.
bs0u0155, Apr 01 2013

       Low voltage shock instead of vibrate,
Kansan101, Apr 01 2013

       Self catapulting alarmclock stun gun hasn't been done yet.
rcarty, Apr 01 2013

       It would be better if the shock could be applied to the caller's phone. Sees entire telesales business invest in heavy duty rubber gloves for operatives.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 01 2013

       you'd have to develop shocking over Bluetooth for proper coverage of the intended targets.
bs0u0155, Apr 01 2013

       ...and build the shell of an explosive plastic, so that if it's stolen, the thief gets his head blown off when he makes a call.   

       Not to suggest I've ever had my phone stolen, or anything like that.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013


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