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Smartphone case w/ lens mount

Attatch professional lenses to your smartphone camera
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This would essentially be a high quality case designed for specific models of smartphones that would facilitate some lens attachments. Could be made by Nikon or Canon, so all of their professional grade lenses could attach and line up correctly.

High quality camera makers are finding that as the megapixels available in today's (and tomorrow's) smartphones go up, their sales go down. But as the majority of smartphones do not allow for any sort of optical zoom, macro, or wide-angle lenses it is photography itself that is suffering.

Case would also have mounting bracket for placing on a tripod or other stand.

If you can't beat em, join em.

Would have to be easily removable.

Would require its own power source.

As an ancillary device, a bluetooth wireless shutter button would be pretty nice as well.

CyberCod, May 11 2011

Camera phone lenses. http://www.amazon.c...+phone+lens&x=0&y=0
Maybe not "good" lenses, but here you go. [DIYMatt, May 11 2011]


       It won't work without a mount and a lens aware app on the smartphone that can actually change focus, exposure time, and so forth.
Voice, May 11 2011

       Good point, but entirely doable.
CyberCod, May 11 2011

       Bit of a problem with the mismatch in focal length (APS-C / 35mm full-frame vs, teeny-tiny phone sensor) and back-focus, I think. Just about any interchangeable lens would be a massive telephoto.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 11 2011

       The lenses for 8mm movie (not video, but film movie cameras) would be - well, not a match, but much less of a mis-match. Plus they fit much more easily in a pocket.   

       //massive telephoto// At least it's usable with something close to fixed-focus at infinity.
lurch, May 11 2011

       This might make people think that a camera phone is an acceptable way to take pictures. [-] Also I feel like I've seen this in real life.   

       -there we go (link)
DIYMatt, May 11 2011

       // an acceptable way to take pictures //   

       [Lurch], would you rather have a cameraphone picture, or no picture at all?   

       The question is not rhetorical.   

       The image quality may be diabolically poor, but in some circumstances is better than nothing.
8th of 7, May 11 2011

       Actually the image quality is often very good. What's lacking is the flexibility. The other thing that bugs me is the delay between pressing the button and anything actually happening.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2011

       If people realized that camera phones are unacceptable, they would be more inclined to buy a real camera and take much better pictures. Now show me a camera with a phone on it and we're talking.
DIYMatt, May 11 2011

       // delay between pressing the button and anything actually happening //   

       What a weird coincidence. Maggie Thatcher said exactthe same thing about Trident …
8th of 7, May 11 2011

       //an acceptable way to take pictures//   

       [8th], you're grilling me about [DIYMatt]'s phrase, but I'll give you my opinion anyway.   

       I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to take pictures with a camera phone - in the same way that it's acceptable to bash one's thumb with a hammer. I wouldn't condemn anyone for it, but I'd certainly feel sorry for someone who didn't know better, or have a better option.   

       My own cell phone's camera gets used mainly for taking notes, and I wouldn't even call the results "pictures".   

       That said, however, I could certainly make use of a macro lens, particularly if it came with some LED lighting which could light up a printed page (glossy!) without a hotspot.
lurch, May 12 2011


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