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smartphone interactive case extension

Every phone should have a little S.P.I.C.E.
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The Smart Phone Interactive Case Extension is a port and associated communication protocol that would be standardized and be built into the surface of a phones external body.

The 4 points of connection would allow cases by various makers to interact with the phone inside the case without the need to have open ports in the case for charger, memory or headphone connections. Allowing for both watertight phone cases that can utilize any standard connection protocol and the ability to select the protocol you prefer( ie select a spice case for your older iphone that has a lighting connection so you only need one charger).

No more annoying dongles for headphones and you could utilize the case for additional battery power, storage or other interactive features without ever having to expose your phone to the elements on purpose or by accident.

jhomrighaus, Aug 25 2014




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