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Smartphone case with automatic screen cleaner

Stay fresh ...
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New from BorgCo, for those primitive life-forms who are still using old-fashioned touchscreens, comes the new CleanScreen phone case.

Every time you replace your phone in the case, a carefully measured amount of cleaning solution is sprayed onto the screen, after which an easily-replaceable wiping pad is driven over the surface, removing any trace of grease, dirt, or other contaminants.

The case contains its own compact Li-Ion battery and can run for up to 28 days without recharging, or replenishment of the cartridge of cleaning solution.

Fully compatible with all Android devices.As an added bonus, if an iPhone or Windows Phone device is inserted, the system immediately injects its entire supply of cleaning solution into the I/O connector under maximum pressure, immediately destroying the device and thus sparing the user any further unnecessary suffering.

8th of 7, Sep 15 2012

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