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X-Ray Images without the harmful X-Ray
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A friend of mine is in his final year of training to be a dentist, and as a result, another friend of mine now has a nice set of photographs of the inside of his mouth, with various needles and drills enthusiastically doing their thing, and a great amount of blood. And very chuffed with them he is too.

How about making snap-n-keep a standard medical service, with the extra revenue helping to support an underfunded NHS?

And maybe also extend it to surgery. I would be quite interested to see what my vital organs look like. I feel so close to them, yet i have never seen them....

(Afterthought: I just re-read that, and think i should clarify, I'm not suggesting special surgery just to get a photo of your spleen, just if you happened to be going in anyway....)

daaisy, Jan 12 2006

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       A fine idea! Why not?
bungston, Jan 12 2006

       My sister is an x-ray tech. Her son, who also works in the same hospital, swallowed the ball off the end of his tongue piercing jewelry.   

       He has a series of x-rays taken over several hours showing the progression of the jewelry. No, he didn't bother to retrieve it.   

       The things you can do on a slow day at the shop.   

       Pedant moment: "A friend of mine is in his final year of training to be a denist"   

       Denist: a person skilled the making of dens
normzone, Jan 12 2006

       A friend of mine does this frequently (yes, frequently, he's accident prone). He displays them proudly in his living room. Don't ask though, or you'll have to listen to the entire story, prehaps multiple times, no details excluded. He has the pins and screws from his legs (same leg - multiple breaks) framed and hung in glass cases with accompanying photos. He has pictures of himself with his intestines lying in a pile on the table beside him, et cetera. It's quite a collection for one person.   

       No special service was required to get these gems. He simply handed the doctor his camera and asked. No charge.
Shz, Jan 12 2006

       "I want a doctor
to take your picture
so I can look at you from inside as well."
Worldgineer, Jan 12 2006

       Yay, [World]! "I think I'm turning Japanese" !
normzone, Jan 13 2006

       way back when, we (dental dept - large teaching hospital) used to make jewellery with misc teeth. I have a fine pendant somewhere here comprising a large human canine inside some perspex type material hung on a silver chain.
po, Jan 13 2006

       A friend of mine has a flick book of her brain comprising of about 50 slices from when she was scanned. nice.
squeak, Jan 13 2006

       I think it would be especially yucky if you were able to take the photographs yourself.
(Not as a reply to [squeak])
Ling, Jan 13 2006

       [normzone] Yes, by "The Vapours", but do you know what the song was about?
[po] Was this a voodoo thing, or were you simply a Goth?
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

       Link. Ho ho ho...
Ling, Jan 13 2006

       //but do you know what the song was about?// Sounds like a teenager came up with that. It's a song about obsession with a lover far away in Japan. Nothing more.
Worldgineer, Jan 13 2006

       I think [Ling] link on blink   

       [2 fries] No, link work. Correct explanation too.
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

       bit of both, copro (don't forget the ancient arts)
po, Jan 13 2006

       Ah, it works now...I really think so, do do, DO DO do do.   

       It's like those pictures they sell to you at the end of a rollercoaster.   

       "Oh man, look at my face when he put in the new valve!"   

       [normzone], "skilled the making of dens," eh?
notmarkflynn, Jan 17 2006

       ok, ok, he's changed professions now, from being a 'den specialist', to dentistry.   

       Anyway, he has some very funny stories about people heavily drugged up prior to tooth removal.   

       Apparently earlier today one girl called him "the nicest pretend dentist ever. Nice, but not as nice as these nice walls. Purple! They're the most purple walls I've ever seen!Oh my God! That's crazy, who'd paint a wall purple! Hahaha! You are the most plum wal..." etc.   

       Unfortunately, she has absolutely no recollection of any of this.   

       Wouldn't it be nice if she had a souvenier video to take home with her?
daaisy, Jan 18 2006

       I know that I swear while going under, because that white pipe cleaning fluid stings my arm like hell.
Ling, Jan 19 2006

       //from his legs (same leg - multiple breaks)//   

       Err... What?
DesertFox, Mar 27 2006

       You know, every time I see this title, I smile and chuckle for some odd reason. It sounds like a good song title.
nth, Mar 29 2006

       Last time I was at the dentist I was talking to him about my hobby of stereo photography, so he took a second x-ray and printed them out for me so I could make a stereo pair out of them.
gtoal, Mar 29 2006

       My dentist has a camera attached to his tools which can record what he's working on. I thought it would be cool to hook it up to a web site so you could watch his day's work live (assuming each patient gave consent; otherwise it would be turned off or do reruns). I can imagine a certain class of people lining up just to be seen "on TV".
gtoal, Mar 29 2006

       Oh yeah - this reminds me of something else... when I went for an <internal examination> some years ago, I asked for a copy of the prints as a souvenir, which I was planning to put on my web site. (Internal examination == they stick a tiny camera on a long flexible tube two foot up your arse and tell you to say "cheese". That part is bearable; it's the preparation where they wash out your innards by making you drink this Phospho drink the night before which is pure hell. After the runs finish, you keep crapping water all night long. Double-blech.)   

       Anyway, cut a long story short, my wife found out about my plan to put the pictures of the inside of my arsehole on our web site and she confiscated the prints. Never did manage to find where she hid them.   

       While on the subject... they don't knock you out for this thing, but they give you drugs that mess with your ability to create short-term memories. So even if it was unpleasant at the time, you don't remember it being unpleasant, which is almost as good. What they don't explain is that while you're under, you tend to make the same remarks over and over again, such as for instance if one were to joke "is it in yet, doctor?", you might make that joke 20 times in a row. Also you're basically very drunk and if you have a secret swiss bank account and an unscrupulous doctor, you have no way of knowing afterwards if he spent the whole session squeezing you by the nuts until you told him the password :-/ My advice, take a tape recorder with you if you ever have one of these procedures, so you know what to be embarassed about the next day.
gtoal, Mar 29 2006

       [DF], two full legs worth of hardware from two separate incidents, resembling two legs but actually one leg, twice. Somewhat like two cups of coffee without the coffee or the cup(s) and with pins and screws.
Shz, Mar 30 2006

       I would so get this service. Heck, I might break my legs just for the pictures alone.
shapu, Mar 30 2006

       Hey [Shz], is that two full legs worth of hardware from two separate incidents, resembling two legs but actually one leg, twice, or are you just glad to see me?
bungston, Mar 31 2006

       Always glad to see you, bung.
Shz, Mar 31 2006

       // Denist //   

       Nah that's just the American way of saying it.   

       // Afterthought: I just re-read that, and think i should clarify, I'm not suggesting special surgery just to get a photo of your spleen, just if you happened to be going in anyway.... //   

       I wish you WERE suggesting that.
spiritualized, Apr 05 2006

       // denist //
someone who denies working with teeth?
phundug, Apr 05 2006

       A Denist: A follower of Denis' Religion
daaisy, Apr 05 2006


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