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Stem cell swapping

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This idea is shamelessly derivatized from the linked idea. As [Skewed] pointed out in an underpunctuated but otherwise promising post, human foetuses or neonates injected with pig stem cells would grow up to be immune- tolerant towards donor organs from clones of the original pig.

This is OK, but it runs the risk that, every time you sunbathe, people are going to sniff and ask "can anyone else smell bacon"?


Instead of using pig stem cells, just inject every newborn with a cocktail of stem cells from as many humans as possible. With a bit of luck, such children will grow up being immune-tolerant to the entire human population.

As a result, they will be able to accept donated organs from anyone, rather than hoping that the next wet- weather motorcyclist is a match.

MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014

Standing on the shoulders of: Early_20foetal_20hu...lant_20inoculations
[MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014]


       Increases potential donor pools & as it doesn’t seem so much different from ordinary blood transfusions or transplants should be easy to swing to the public.   

       [+] :)   

       You have to wait for someone to die to get your organ so I think my idea still has legs.   

       The real beauty of this for me is that if accepted & in common practice it would normalise the idea & make mine seem less outrageous ;)
Skewed, Jun 01 2014

       The only downside is the lack of bacon.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 01 2014

       How so?   

       We're called long pig for a reason, namely that we taste (& smell when cooking) just like it. :P
Skewed, Jun 01 2014

       Umm… take a look at [MechE]’s last few posts on my thread, what do you think? If he’s right it could be a real problem for this idea.
Skewed, Jun 02 2014


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