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Sneaky mobility scooter remote control

Secretly hijack a mobility scooter with a remote control
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I was playing Quake Rally once, a total conversion of Quake 1 to a racing game. Or so I thought. What I was in fact doing was wielding the mouse or cursor keys during the cut scene at the start. It took me a while to become aware of this.

Flash forward to my current role as carer of an elderly relative with a worrying tendency to come perilously close to mowing down 5K run stewards, dogs, toddlers and pushchairs to my concomitant unassertive embarrassment and shame, and the thought occurs that some method of discreetly taking control of said vehicle might be advisable.

Enter the handbag-concealable scooter remote. Drivers believe themselves to have control of the vehicles. The manufacturers, though, include an undocumented feature whereby the vehicle's speed, direction and other factors can be quietly usurped by a remote control device keyed to a serial number such as may be associated with the scooter. Various degrees of control are available, including the capacity to drive it in a VR environment, so that even more disabled people are able to indulge their nostalgia of the happy days when they were mobile enough to control a mobility scooter, or perhaps be fooled into believing they still are. Lower levels of control merely spare the general public and their companion animals from being mown down by the decidedly non-juvenile delinquent in the driving seat.

On the other hand, maybe a night or two in the cells for the miscreant could be seen as constituting respite care.

nineteenthly, Dec 05 2016




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