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pneumatic scoot

Pump and go
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My Idea consists of a scooter powered by an air impact wrench. Air would be supplied by a couple of cheap air pumps being turned by a single or multiple weed eater motors, around 31 cc. Just start the motors, let the air tank fill, and go. Distance travelled will be determined by how long you charged it. Or how many pumps are driven by how many motors. It would be useful where you had a small stupid distance would normally be travelled in a car and wasted alot of gas starting it.
BigRobot, Jun 10 2006

Scooter http://www.totallya...enselessscooter.htm
what I was thinking of was sort of like this, only you could stand on it and keep pumping. [BJS, Jun 10 2006]

See also: Nitrogen gas powered bicycle Nitrogen_20powered_20bicycle
[Ling, Jun 11 2006]

EngineAir baked http://www.engineair.com.au/
Take a look at their developments and you'll find the scooter [pashute, Jun 12 2006]


       I thought this would be pumped with your foot like those old springy scooters.
BJS, Jun 10 2006

       Air ratchets and impacts are loud and are renowned for their high tourque under load, not RPM. Besides, you'd be literaly pounding down the sidewalk.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 10 2006

       Air motors on small vehicles might make sense for storing power during braking, etc.. and releasing that power to start moving again, but why on earth would you pump it up from a weed eater motor? Why not just attach the gas motor to the scooter in the first place? Oh wait, we have that already.   

       Or did you mean an electric weed eater (if so why 31cc?) using house power? Air motors are not terribly efficient, but there has been some talk of using the frame or other existing space in a bike as a "no extra weight" air tank. The effeciency loss caused by the extra weight of a battery in an electric drive might be more than the effeciency loss of a light weight air motor.   

       In any pressure storage system, temperature change is a problem (hot on compression, cold on release) and so there is a practical limit to the pressures that may be employed. To increase capacity and range, you need to increase volumn. That implys a specially designed frame and increaseing its volumn, allowing high pressures, and not increasing its weight will be a challenge.
James Newton, Jun 11 2006

       My dad once installed an air motor as the pre-rotator on a gyroplane. It and its air tank worked well, although the project as a whole never got off the ground.   

       Using an impact wrench as an air motor is crazy--it is designed for impact, not for steady and smooth propulsion. Air motors of all kinds are available--I've used pneumatic drills through many a long day.   

       An air tank filled from an outside source might make for a fun scooter, especially if you are stealing air from gas stations. Using small gasoline engines to compress the air is just silly, especially if the engines are to be carried on the vehicle. As described, this is a very bad hybrid. [-]
baconbrain, Jun 11 2006


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