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Sneeze Recognition

Ker-Plexchh! ..."Identification verified. Enter when ready."
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It is a testifiable fact that no two people sneeze alike. Hence, a viable home security system would be one where, as you stand at the front door, a puff of pepper is sprayed in your nose, and you must sneeze correctly in order to be let in.

Top secret buildings might have "sneeze hallways" in them, where in order to enter particular sectors you must pass through a corridor guaranteed to make you sneeze several times. The involuntariness and necessity of the sneezes will prevent would-be sneeze manipulators from changing the characteristics of their natural sneeze.

Police could also make use of this new technology. When in pursuit of a suspect, "pepper bullets" could be released, causing the subject to sneeze, and the sound of the suspect's sneeze recorded. The subject could then be made to sneeze in a court of law, and a Sneeze Recognition machine would indicate if the right man is on trial.

phundug, Jan 26 2004


       pepper-shots up the nose every morning? ouch.
k_sra, Jan 26 2004

       I can just imagine cashing my check this way....I'm in a hurry, and can't seem to muster a sneeze. The line behind me grow impatient....
normzone, Jan 26 2004

       //no two people sneeze alike//? none of my sneezes are the same!
po, Jan 26 2004

       Pepper spray would not be needed in all cases. About 1/3 of the Earth’s population are like me: we sneeze when exposed to bright light. Looking towards the sun, I sneeze three times, always three identical sneezes.

(As you might expect, this is followed by temporary blindness.)
ldischler, Jan 26 2004

       [ldischler], don't go towards the light...
k_sra, Jan 26 2004

       Ooh, good point, [dag]. That recognition mic or screen would get pretty nasty pretty quick.
k_sra, Jan 26 2004

       I also sneeze when exposed to bright light, but to the best of my knowledge have no Mogwai genes.   

       When an undergraduate, the lecture theatres made me sneeze five times about ten minutes after I first went into them. People learnt to tell when I'd skipped the first lecture of the day. They still make me sneeze, but now I'm doing the lecturing.
hazel, Jan 26 2004

       I like other ideas of recogntion. compared to this..
artist, Jan 26 2004

Kitchensink, Jan 27 2004

       I think the sneeze technique of others is reasonably simple to pick up, however, so this would not be secure.
waugsqueke, Jan 27 2004


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