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RFID saftey underwear

Never mistake someone for your lover again.
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It occurs to me that it's possible to mistake people for your lover, and this needs to stop. It may happen at a local concert, some sleezeball puts his hands on your hips and you let him because you think it's the BF. Or maybe you concede to someone's advances, not realizing due to darkness and/or inebriation that the person isn't supposed to be there. Worser case scenarios may be surmised.

If a set of underwear were outfitted with a pressure sensitive fabric, some sort of piezoelectric matrix weaved into the cotton, and an RFID tag, then it could measure everytime you were being touched by something other than your clothing or your own hands (you wear a ring, perhaps. Or, better yet, built in AI)... It then searches for the appropriate RFID info on your mate's underwear transmitter, and if it doesn't find the tag, then it sounds an alarm, calls fire dept. etc.

daseva, Apr 21 2009


       underpants that sound an alarm that's good stuff   

       could you set it to work in reverse? could it be a subtle alarm like a series of underwear vibrations? Could the rfid wearer program the type alarm to cause in a recipients underwear?   

       "he was a total stranger but i liked the way he made my underpants vibrate in the club"
vfrackis, Apr 21 2009

       Potentially all sorts of clothing could implement the strategy...
daseva, Apr 21 2009

       underwear makes it sexual   

       a belt makes it for deviants
vfrackis, Apr 21 2009


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