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Sneezing Toaster that Applies Spray Butter

An appliance for those who like buttered toast and have a fascination with the functioning of the nose and the respiratory system
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Good products often function in ways similar to Mother Nature. Psychologically these kinds of products have a pleasant effect in how we feel about using them. For example, good computers act "smart", nice looking cars appear sexy etc... In order to make an unnatural product like a toaster a little more appealing... I decided to design the world's first sneezing toaster.

The toaster is shaped as a nose with the toasting slots fashioned as nostrils. Close to the center of each nostril are holes for the warm-able spray butter canisters (the butter would come in low-fat as well as regular of course).

Bread is inserted into the nose and the toasting rack which sits on top of a heavy spring is lowered and locked manually.

Just after the desired toasting of bread is achieved, the toaster twitches, sniffs, and flares while speakers on the toaster emit phases such as. "Oh God my allergies..." "Quick get me a tissue" or just the old classic "Ah... Ah..."

Immediately after this commentary, with a great bellowing "AHHHH CHOOO", (thus alerting all who are awaiting the deliciously prepared meal) the toast is ejected into the air and freshly warmed butter is generously sprayed onto each toast as they rocket through the air. The forceful jetting spray of butter gracefully knocks each toast onto plates on each side of the toaster.

ObtuseAngle, Aug 18 2008


       If spray jam was invented, I'd buy one.
swimr, Aug 20 2008

       I'm sorry. As marvelous as this idea is, my sensitivities compelled me to vote against it.   

       I've been avoiding annoing on it as well, but noticing that eleven others have voted on it and only two of them could bring themselves to anno, I don't feel so bad now.
normzone, Aug 20 2008

       Heres a buttery toasted bun, although you:ll need to change the ejection vector, use some =really= high velocity butter pumps, or drench the toast in butter to change the vector..
Voice, Aug 20 2008

       Just one thing - can each nostril (nozzle?) dispense a different coating? Butter first from one side, then honey, marmalade or Marmite from the other?
Yarely, Aug 21 2008

       Either that or a giant bee honey dispenser on the tip of the nose that drops a dollop of honey when its wings are pressed flat.
Yarely, Aug 21 2008


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