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Solar Powered Toaster

Toast your bread anywhere - as long as it's sunny ;)
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A cool-wall toaster equipped with solar cells/panels enough to power it. Ability to toast "on the go" or at picnics, etc. For toast lovers (such as myself) I believe this would be an invaluable idea!

Requires enough solar cells to generate the power required, an inverter (to convert to an AC current from DC), and then merely needs to be wired up. (I think)

Flaws: I think it would require a lot of power, and consequently *alot* of solar cells.

I am currently on a design stage (of course if one already exists do tell me!), though any help from those of you with knowledge of solar power/general electronics, would be much obliged :) thanks.

rufio, Aug 30 2003

(?) Invertor (800W) http://www.maplin.c...1643&moduleno=29171
Able to convert enough voltage/power... possibly :s [rufio, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Solar panels http://www.maplin.c...eno=2312&Products=2
In conjunction with the larger one of these.. [rufio, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Battery Saver http://www.maplin.c...no=33340&Products=1
constant maintenance charge.... [rufio, Oct 04 2004]


       just put a slice of bread in a tin-foil cone type of thing, I for get what their called.
dickity, Aug 30 2003

       lol I wanted to avoid the "Blue Peter" method..   

       Looking on it now I don't think it'll take as many solar cells as I first might've thought, though it would take a sizeable solar panel. Would I be write in saying that the voltage in DC differs from that in AC?
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       doesn't it say on that chart that's how much it'd cost in power consumption per month?
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       The lowest wattage toaster I could find is 750 Watts. Using the larger of the solar panels through the link, and the 800W Invertor, it would take 15 of these solar panels I think to power it! Though maybe if a capacitor or a battery of some kind were installed, less would have to be attached, as you could "trickle charge" the capacitor/battery? As so you can use energy when you need it, and whilst you're not, it can in the meantime charge the capacitor/battery up again?
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       Any way I see it, the toaster would be huge :(
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       did i mention expensive? :s
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       Though maybe with something such as a smaller solar panel, delivering a constant charge to a large battery (to top it up) could this be done... hmm... though the battery in itself would probably be quite large (maybe car battery size?).. if a more compact one could be found.. and plus you would any be able to use it very intermittently..
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       All you really need for toast is a cigarette lighter and a stick. Well, some bread helps too...
DeathNinja, Aug 30 2003

       yea but lacks finesse ;)
rufio, Aug 30 2003

       --I'm thinking all you need for toast is just a bona fide solar concentrator.   

       I believe Inspector Gadget could do this with his ultra-cool mirrored sunglasses and the crystal from his one-hundred- and-one-surprises-in-a-Swiss-army-type watch.   

       Otherwise, you might as well use a light bulb to help power your solar cell that heats the filament, sort of.
Tiger Lily, Aug 30 2003

       Tiger Lily has the right idea. A modest sized solar panel coupled with a storage capacitor. This would allow for a short burst of stored energy. Like the system employed in a built-in flash unit on a camera. A switching widget could control the amount and length of the discharge.   

       The problem with this type of system is that it would require a long period of intense sun exposure. Resulting with just enough power to toast a single piece of bread, slightly. You'd need about 8 to 12 hours of strong sun- light. If you were out in Arizona you would have better luck using a campers' solar-mirror toaster. I believe the whole contraption is about 14" in diameter.
Cosmo, Aug 31 2003

       --Still thinking all you need for toast is just a bona fide "camper's" solar concentrator...;b
Tiger Lily, Aug 31 2003

       good job I searched or I might have made myelf look a fool!
po, Dec 12 2003


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