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aka snoseglobe
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How could I resist Max's invitation?

Snotglobe is of course a snowglobe containing a replica nose, complete with a pair of nostrils. All kinds of viscous coloured goo and mucus pour from the nostrils when the globe is inverted, slithering back inside over time when left in the upright position. Halloween version features a partial nose bleed.

xenzag, Oct 31 2015

High_20viscosity_20snowglobe as requested ! ha [xenzag, Oct 31 2015]


       This is in appallingly bad taste and utterly disgusting [+].   

       // Halloween version features a partial nose bleed. //   

       New Year's Eve version features a full nose bleed, possibly a broken nose, and a trip to the police lockup via A&E.
8th of 7, Oct 31 2015

       What [8th] said, except that part about eviscerated kitty cadavers floating in a sea of battery acid. Or something; honestly, I wasn't paying attention. I would have instead chosen a nice transparent lime Jello, the cadavers last longer that way. Oh, and [+].
Grogster, Nov 03 2015

       I've seen the snow globe with nose and cocaine (snow).
xandram, Nov 03 2015

       Lava lamp?
RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2015


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