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Snow globe snow globe

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OK, this is going to need to be big.

Each of the uncountably many snowflakes is, needles to say, a snow globe. Each possible type, shape, form, colour and flavour of snow globe* is represented somewhere in the swirling mass.

This, of course, prior arts all further snow globe posts.

*We have had a rather niggling letter from Mr. Cantor about this. We have added him to our list of people we do not intend to correspond with, but sadly we have no way of telling him this.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2013


       No problem, we've got that sorted. Sorted. Sorted.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2013

       //We have had a rather niggling letter from Mr. Cantor about this.//   

       Also, you'll doubtless want instruct the servants to immediately burn without opening any correspondence from one B. Russell.
ytk, Dec 31 2013


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