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Snow Catapult

"Yes, but if you remember correctly, I did mention that you should move your car"
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For the few places left on Earth that still get winter, shovelling the driveway is a necessary, universally loathed activity.

And one of the major, quite often literal, pains of said activity is that, for any accumulation greater than an inch or two, each shovelful must be individually lifted and manually launched ten to twenty feet, to hopefully land somewhere other than another portion of the driveway.

Introducing the Snow Catapult: 300 lbs of varnished wood and polished steel, ready to do your bidding.

Simply drop the shovelfuls into the large bucket, occasionally employing the attached tamping lever to compress the load, and when it's full, face it in the required direction, set the release angle and pull the lanyard.

Electric and gas-powered models are available but the effort required to cock the arm manually is less than that otherwise required anyways.

FlyingToaster, Jan 26 2013

Snow Wovel http://www.incredib...-show-shovel-wheel/
not a trebuchet but it does help the user throw snow quite a distance [Brian the Painter, Jan 26 2013]


       So, for those of us who get zero exercise, an opportunity to get even less? Well + for the trebuchet anyway.
swimswim, Jan 26 2013

       Power it with a team of oxen trotting in a circle.   

evilpenguin, Jan 26 2013

       Toast man i found a link for you.
Brian the Painter, Jan 26 2013

       Cool links [Brian].
normzone, Jan 26 2013

       Cute (the "Wovel").
FlyingToaster, Jan 26 2013


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