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Snowglobe-enabled double glazing

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
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Snowglobes are those things you buy from tourist shops with models of e.g the Eiffel Tower or the Parthenon inside. You shake them and it sort of looks like it's snowing.

This would be liquid- filled double glazing. Plastic 'snow' would fall through the clear liquid to the bottom and pumped back up the the top through a pipe running down the side of the window panel. To imagine what it would look like, think of one of those early films where snow was applied as a special effect during editing and it looks like a thin sheet of snow is falling between you and the character.
hippo, Mar 09 2004

aqua blinds http://www.halfbake.../idea/aqua_20blinds
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       If the snowflakes are made of extraordinarily lightweight material, maybe you could get by without the liquid. Aerogel flakes?   

       Or maybe a slight flow of air (whatever gas is in the window) to keep the snowy bits aloft a bit longer.   

       I somehow don't think this would fool anyone in Phoenix into believing that it's snowing, but it would be novel.
half, Mar 09 2004

       It appears to be snowing in [hippo]'s house.
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       Why on earth would I want heated liquid when it's over 90 degrees (F) out today?
half, Mar 09 2004

       Maybe for use with triple glazed windows or perhaps just available as an add-on to windows...
silverstormer, Mar 09 2004

       Up where I live, it's always very cold at Christmastime, but we don't get much snow at all then (wait til January). This would be great. (At first, I thought this was actually for a snowglobe, so it would just keep snowing.)
spacecadet, Mar 09 2004

       In warm climates what about a thick double glazing with fish in it?
Etymon, Mar 09 2004

       Nevermind the pump, just pick your whole house up and shake it. Oh wait...
krelnik, Mar 09 2004

       Fun in earthquakes. Make it quadruple glazed, snow in the middle.
oxen crossing, Mar 09 2004

       Already done. This very thing was on "Monster House" (television program) on December 27th. The episode was called "Christmas House".
Asta, Mar 09 2004

       Mmmmm flakey.   

       It *is* snowing here.
squeak, Mar 10 2004

       ...and here.
silverstormer, Mar 10 2004

       It's funny, I remember now that this isn't the idea I meant to post at all. The idea I meant to post was:

Driving Rain Simulating Double Glazing

I like sitting inside while driving rain drums against the window. This idea is for special double glazing with a small amount of purified water inside the sealed unit which can be made to run in torrents down between the panes of glass and then be pumped back up to the top. The pump also drives a little thing which drums against the window to simulate the sound of rain.
hippo, Mar 10 2004

       Other than the pounding effects, half-baked (link). I don't think we've done wind or hail.
Worldgineer, Mar 10 2004


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