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I halfbake intermittently these days, mostly in the comments and links.

My main focus these days is on the scientific skepticism movement. Here are my main projects in that area:


http://skeptools.com aka http://skeptools.wordpress.com

[Oct 01 2002, last modified Jan 10 2011]

(+4) Aerial View HUD
(+21, -1)(+21, -1)(+21, -1) AOL CDs for the Good of Mankind
(+1) Audio-in-Audio (AIA)
(+19)(+19) Audiobooks for Parents and Toddlers
(+2) Audiophile Hearing Test
(+1) Auto-Resize Window Based on URL
 Auto Spidey Sense
(+2, -1) Bluetooth Home
(+1) Body Chalking
 Car Chargeable Battery Pack
 Car Clutter-Be-Gone
(+4, -1) Closed Captions for Yanks
(+3, -4) Convert annotations to links automatically
(+21)(+21)(+21) CPU Mounted Lava Lamp
 Curriculum Googlae
(+2) Customizable Travel Guide
 Dashboard Photos
(+7, -2) Digi-Cheers®
(+2) Drip Diagnosis Dropcloth
(+3) Erodothedral
(+2) Extension Extender
 Faux Muscle Cars
(+9)(+9) Faux TV Crew
 Flotsam Photomosaics
(+3, -1) Flush Override on Automatic Toilets
(+2) Furniture “Mud Flaps”
(+25, -1)(+25, -1)(+25, -1) Gleam in Your Smile
(+3) GMail vs. Porn Spam
(+8)(+8) HazMat Bingo
(+1) HDTV Dropout Protection
(+2, -1) Hockey Hit Metrics
 IR Remote Power Strip
(+4) Kung Fu Swisher
(+2) Liar’s 8 Ball
(+2) Link Rover
(+1) Low Concept Film Ratings
(+2) Mad Bureaucrat
(+2) Micro-Coverage Maps
(+12)(+12) Misdirection Adapter Card
(+10)(+10) Mute Program
(+13)(+13) My Personal CapCom
(+2) NerfBot
(+1) Onscreen Movie Budget
(+3) Pair Them Up
(+1) Please Beam Your Password Now
(+2) Put MLK on the $20
(+3) RFID Privacy Jammer
(+3) Route By Example
(+1) Santayana Historical Reenactment Society
(+1) Seg-ouija
 Shorten Profile Page Links
(+3) Skyline Scanner
(+17, -3)(+17, -3) Smart Aleck Cash Registers
 Stealth Video Fireplace
 The Analyst’s Analyst
(+2) The McFurlong
 Thermochromic Road Signs
(+19)(+19) Time-sensitive 3D shading
(+7) To Serve Geeks
(+1) Toddler TiVo
(+1) Traffic Camera Vanity Videos
 Travel Oracle
(+1) TV Urgent Bit
(-1) Ultimate Corporate Firewall
 Ultra Local Phone Numbers
(+1) Vacu-Lint
(+1) Wardriving ECM
 Were They A Couple?
 Whose Note Is It Anyway?

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