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Soap-It Faucet

Water on the left; Soapy water on the right
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Rather than a single-lever faucet (or whatever the technical term is for the part you lift to dispense the water), the Soap-It Faucet would have a left lever and a right lever. The left lever is strictly for water, whereas lifting the right lever would dispense a mixture of soap and water. There could be a tank under the sink where the soap is stored, easily refilled from above-the-counter. There could also be a gas tank style guage so you know if it's Full or Empty.

You'll never have to reach for the soap, pop up that annoying little soap bottle topper, and put the soap back again. It's all in one "clean" motion.

gotmyespy, Jul 13 2004

(?) Japan: Toilet Heaven http://www.overunde....php?id=154_0_1_0_C
All about the weird and wonderful world of japanese toilets. [prufrax, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. There was one in the loos at Toshiba in Kawasaki when I went there last year for a training course. It was even motion-sensitive: you put your hands under the tap and it squirted soap and water onto your hands.
prufrax, Jul 13 2004

       Can I get one for the shower?
gootyam, Jul 13 2004

       Shower, hmmmm... A rack of 4 or 5 canisters on the shower wall, each containing the desired emulsifier, lotion or potion (soap, shampoo of varying flavours, body scents etc...). The canisters are mounted with a waterproof flap on top for filling.   

       A fine plastic tube (say 5mm inside diameter) is connected from the bottom spout of each canister to a manifold mounted on a delivery pipe (nipple) directly tapped into the pipe just before the shower head. Same style system as a bar soft drink 'gun'.   

       A simple press-button on each canister opens its delivery tube, and allows water pressure running past the shower head delivery pipe to do a bit'o'Bernoulli, and extract some of the product into the water stream, which is already at the perfect comfort temperature.   

       Result is you get what you want, when you want it, without fumbling for and dropping the correct bottle with your eyes shut. Of course, if you press the wrong button, you risk getting a dose of conditioner when you wanted shower soap, but hey, you can't stop progress.
phlogiston, Jul 13 2004


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