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Soap-activated Porno-Ware

Encourage guys to do the dishes... inspired by [Laser Flannel]'s annotation on [The Military]'s Carmen Electra-Sol posting.
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Basically, these are dinnerware with pornographic images of female celebrities (male versions are available for women) painted on with a chemical that is invisible until it comes in contact with soap and water (it has to be both), and fades again from view after the soap is rinsed off and the plate dries, until the next time it is washed.

Comes in your choice of age-appropriate ratings (for children and/or immature men):

G: Girl wearing 2-piece bikini PG: revealing negligee (sp?) PG-13: topless R: nude

(sorry, couldn't resist... hehehe)

21 Quest, Oct 14 2006


       I don't generaly give positive votes to porno related ideas, but the thought of my son "wanting"to do the dishes kind of tickles the old funny bone.   

       Thanks for churning this one, I forgot to bone it first time around.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2009

       Wow... do I detect a hint of animosity, AWOL?
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009


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