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Soap Bar in a Deodorant Stick Casing

Good for travel
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Once you open up a new bar of soap, there is no good way to take care of it. It gets sort of mushy in the shower, and if you go traveling, you muct keep it in a little plastic baggie that gets bits of soap stuck to it.

Also, keeping ahold of a bar of soap in the shower gets hard, because of a bar of soaps slipperiness. Plus, you don't want to use the entire bar at once, right? You only want to use a small bit at a time, as to not be wastefull.

I thought of soap, and all of it's little problems, and it became apparent that they could be resolved by manufacturing soap and packaging it like deodorant sticks, with a little cap to put on when not in use, and a little twist thing to raise the soap when the level gets low.

DesertFox, Jul 26 2005

Soap Stick http://www.massbayt...01&Category_Code=NP
These folks seem to have beat you to market. [jurist, Jul 26 2005]


ldischler, Jul 26 2005

       Not just travelling. I think this is a great idea. I have a soggy bar of soap in a soapdish in my shower right now. kerplus [+]
contracts, Jul 26 2005

       Will it not trap water inside and wind up as a tube of goo?
half, Jul 26 2005

       Perhaps a set of drain holes in the bottom of the tube will help prevent deliquescence. A light rope loop attached via a bridle to each side would be handy for hanging it in the shower, also for spinning it gaily round your head after abluting to be sure all the water's drained out. Lack of bubbles floating in the steamy air indicate success. +
phlogiston, Jul 26 2005

       <I can hear the ad now>   

       "You’ve heard of soap on a rope?" "Well now there's new soap on a grope." "When you absolutely, positively Have to bend over for the soap...at least you can snag it on the first go."   

       <gone to make sure deodorant isn't already the greatest Soap Bar in a Deodorant Stick Casing around>
daseva, Jul 26 2005

       Check the link I posted earlier. I knew push-up stick shaving soap had been around since the fifties especially for men who like to shave in the shower or bath, but didn't think you guys would buy a link to a specialty soap like that. This link shows a deodorant stick style soap dispenser that is regular soap, but is marketed especially with the traveller in mind in order to obviate all the problems imagined above. It just doesn't come with its own rope.
jurist, Jul 26 2005

       Wow! Well and truly baked. Whodathunk?
contracts, Jul 26 2005

       I wonder if this was baked 200 years ago -- can somebody find a brass can version on the Antiques Roadshow?
reensure, Jul 26 2005


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