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I hate little pieces of soap.
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An adhesive made of soap, and hardes on contacts. Glue all of those little pieces together to make a new bar. Waste not, want not.
DesertFox, Feb 25 2005

Soap press http://www.sigmaus....SH_description.html
Put all the little pieces in one of these and pull the big lever. [wagster, Feb 25 2005]

Soap equipment http://www.soapequipment.com/
More dinky gadgets that do stuff with soap. [wagster, Feb 25 2005]


       I hate little pieces of soap that fall apart in my hands, too. I've often thought of making a press of some sort. Throw all the little pieces of soap in there, and once you have enough, press them together--voilá! A new bar of soap. But gluing them together's a good idea, too. Although I don't know how the glue will hold with water.
Machiavelli, Feb 25 2005

       Chop them up or grate them and throw them in with a laundry load.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005


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