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Spray Dish Washing Soap

because spraying goes places squeezing can only dream of...
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Being the designated dish washer of my house I consider myself a expert on the subject. Certain types of dishes work alright with a squeeze bottle..... but things like tea pots and pressure cookers have curved tops and getting soap in those places is tricky. with a spray dish washing soap not only can i evenly place the soap but it gets to places hard to reach. Similar to the spray oil used for cooking.
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 01 2004


       I was thinking about this only the other day, the current nozzles are not at all well designed. However.. am I correct in saying the washing up liquid has liquid-crystalline properties so is quite likely to get bunged up?
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       It could happen. But thats a property of liquid soap... squeeze or spray... but atleast it gets to the 'head to reach spots'.
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 01 2004

       I 'spose. Always a fan of high pressure washing of anything and high pressure soap, sure. I was under the impression that dishwashers spray the dishes down with soapy water anyway. +
sartep, Nov 01 2004

       Try using water.
waugsqueke, Nov 01 2004

       I was just wondering yesterday how to clean the spout of my smoothie maker. There is a two inch tube, blocked by a ball valve., I pour water (waugs) through it, but can't be certain I'm getting all the fruity bits out. This could be helpful. also I'd like it to be high pressure
dentworth, Nov 01 2004


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